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About Us

Creative Circuit Studios is a collaborative creative arts company founded by Andrew Jacobi Jeter. Built off the goals to educate, entertain, elevate all forms of Art. Collaborating with companies and organizations to provide various programs, productions, and events. Creative Circuit Studios support and grow the arts in our community. Building the foundation for the next generation of creators.

Creative Circuit Studios established on February 23, 2010 as Love to Live Creative Art Company. By May of that year Love to Live had a studio Downtown San Antonio, TX where it thought dance classes and participating in various downtown performances venue with varieties of acts and art. Within the same building was other arts and entertainment companies like Symmetric Sounds Recording Studio, Best of Both World Vocal Studios, and KEDA radio station.

Unfortunately by 2011 the building that the studio was brought by HEB and everyone had to move location. Love to Live then started teaching classes out of community center. In 2012 Love to Live establish itself in various schools teaching several art programs from theatre, dance, photography and more.

Expanding their reach Love to Live started partnering with other company helping them promote their events through creative marketing which launched one of the major portion of the company. By 2015 the growth of the company sparked a new change and a new name with that rebrand. Creative Circuit Studios.

Educate, Entertain, & Elevate all forms of ARTS
Rabbit Hole (1500x2250)
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Creative Exemplification.

Derek OS 648x931
Gleek It 1350x900
Twas 6016x4016 (1)
What is Love 634x951
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Godstock 1000x1500
Rabbit Hole 634x596
Andrew & Val 1001x997
Rabbit Hole 1000x1500
Emma OS 633x952