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Headshot masterclass

& photo session

This Hedshot Masterclass and Photo Session is in collaboration with FwdProgress and Tika Creations. This One hour masterclass (via zoom) is designed for Actors and Business Professionals and will provide you with industry tips from photographers and MUAs. It also includes a photo session (in person) for a headshot. There are a limited number of spots (16) so sign up today as we are offering this exclusively for on $99.

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You want to collaborate with a partner who want to meet the needs of you and your audience.

Creative Learning

Creative Circuit Studios offers art programs throughout the community, public school, private school, home school groups, wherever we can create. Our programs includes theatre, creative writing, photography, guitar, piano, vocals, and many more artistic programs with dance being our most prominent program.

Creative Circuit Studios programs has professional, influential, and skilled leaders of in the arts. Our programs are uniquely designed to allow the mind to open up and receive the true experience of art.

For more information on our programs please contact us at

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Creative Projects

Creative Circuit Studios produce and as well incubate projects in the entertainment and arts field.  Our projects range from film, theatrical shows, community engagements, and more.

Creative Circuit Studios projects are collaborative and entail  many other creative and innovative companies.

Want to know more about Creative Circuit Studios current projects contact our Media Team for our press release, sponsor deck, all our marketing material.

creative marketing

Creative Circuit Studios creative marketing services from campaign marketing, video marketing, influencer marketing and more. 

Let's join forces and bring your company, brand, and products to your audience and future clients.

Contact us for a creative consulting and marketing at

our portfolio

"Educate, Entertain, and Elevate all froms of ART!"

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